Why Arsenal Can Sign Lewandowski

Robert-Lewandowski1_2868834To say Arsenal are in the hunt for a new striker will be nothing short of an understatement and the Gunners have been linked with plethora of strikers in England and across Europe; Jovetic, Rooney and Higuain. While all those aren’t poor options, wonder why Arsenal cannot stretch their dragnet to include the Polish hotshot. I know he is one of the most sought after strikers in Europe after he single-handedly dismantled Real Madrid at the Iduna Park with his superb foursome but despite the obvious interests in him by the high and mighty, the Gunners can also push their noses into the race and who knows, they might just win it and have the Dortmund ace playing for us next season. Am I an incurable optimist? Yes, am I a deluded fan, no. Here are my reasons for believing Arsenal can sign Lewandowski ahead of other moneybags.

Dortmund won’t sell to Bayern.

I know Bayern are his first option as Lewy has reiterated times without number that he wants to play for Bayern but that is only a wishful thinking as I doubt if Dortmund will be willing to sell their best player to a fierce domestic rival after loosing their second best and most promising talent (Mario Gotze) to them. The Dortmund management have said that they would rather have him leave for free next season when his contract expires than sell to Bayern this summer for a huge fee. This means should they eventually decide to sell; they will certainly be open to a sale abroad than to a domestic rival even if it means reducing the fee.

His likely fee isn’t beyond us

I am not denying the fact that he has been on fire this season both in the Bundesliga and in the UEFA Champions League where he has already notched 10 goals (2 more than Messi) and could even pip Ronaldo to it if he bags a hatrick against Bayern in the final though, I doubt that happening. If he insist on leaving Dortmund at the end of the season, he won’t cost more than 30 million Pounds and the main reason for this is the fact that his contract has just a year left to run and I don’t think any team will be willing to expend more than 35 million pounds on him. Whether 30million or 35 million Pounds, Arsenal can afford it. Before Gotze sealed a move to Bayern, it was reported that Arsenal offered 30 million pounds for him. If we offered that for Gotze, we can as well offer it for Lewandowski. Reports have it that we are in the running for Rooney and willing to break the bank for Jovetic, if these reports are true then, we can actually splash the cash on Lewandowski. I know if he becomes available, there will be scramble for his services with moneybags like Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid scrambling for his signature, his fee could be hiked to over 40 million Pounds which might be beyond the reach of Arsenal but at the same time I doubt if they will blow the fee sky high. The fear of financial fair play and Premier League wage cap is the beginning of wisdom for teams.

In the same light, we can also handle his wages. I doubt if he is earning of to 100k Pounds at Dortmund ( several reports have his wages at just 70k per week ). If we are contemplating bringing Rooney, it’s because we know we can offer him good wages, close to what he gets at Old Trafford. If that’s the case, we can also offer Lewandowski 180k Pounds which will more than tripple what he is currently earning with Dortmund.

He would bed in easily at Arsenal.

When a player moves to another country and league, he needs period of adaptation and one of the things that helps that transition period is the presence of friends and national teammates. When Cazorla came to Arsenal, Arteta helped him and when Monreal came, both of them did. Should Lewandowski come to Arsenal, he will have the arms of three Poles to walk into; Szczesny, Fabianski and Koscielny (he is Pole, though he plays for France). Having teammates that speak his language around him will help his settling down.

Should Arsenal scale the hurdles and finally get ahead of the lot that might desire him, they will still have some convincing to do. Will Lewandowski be willing to join a club that hasn’t won a trophy in 8 years? Won’t he see us a club lacking ambition? If Arsenal are really keen on him, they will have to show him that they are now ready to challenge for top honours home and on the continent.

Finally, should Wenger convince him that Arsenal are now ready to look beyond top 4 and gun for the Premier League and Champions League, won’t he conflict with Giroud? Lewandoski just like Giroud can only play through the center but unlike him, he can use both legs, faster, more skillful and a better finisher. Won’t the arrival of Lewandowski condemn Giroud to the bench? It is likely. Wenger will rather opt for Lewandowski in a 4-3-3 formation owing to the aforementioned qualities but should he decide to revert back to 4-4-2, I believe both can play together and they will really be a handdful for defences since they are both strong, tall and physical. Having a player like Giroud on the bench gives the team added depth which will certainly yield dividends.


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  1. He’ll sign for any of the top of the money big spender and that will not be us. We ain’t won nowt for 8 years and that’s another reason why.

    Oh yes we’ll be promised big spending at this club round about buy a season ticket time.

    In fact i’ll hazard a guess judging by past empty promises.we may if we’re lucky end up with the usual value for money buys yawn! while the big spenders get stronger and stronger….

  2. what the club wants doesn’t matter much in todays world. its the player’s wish that is more important.

    Arsenal would have never wanted to sell rvp to man u…thn y he ended up at man u.

    lewandowski has become a world class player..n on the other hand the whole world knows Arsenal are just interested in qualifying for champions league…neither winning it or epl..

    rooney seems to be leaving man u…if it happens, lewandowski will be at man u next season.

    than there is real Madrid interested in him too.

    dortmund saying they’ll let him go free when his contract expires simply means they will sell him only for inflated prize.

    coz i don’t believe dortmund are stupid enough to let him go for free…it would £30-£35 millions loss…

    i don’t believe dortmund are financially this much strong to take such a loss.

    simply…lewandowski will never join arsenal…unless Wenger says the magic words and lures him to emirates…

  3. It might be worth a try, if for no other reason than to show some ambition for once. But you will have to admit that the chances of pulling it off would be less than 10%.

  4. Yes it might be a good try 4 wenger but i dont thnk he culd manage 2 spend alot as 30million 4 buying

  5. I do actually think that AW and AFC have talked/or are talking to him, they would be silly stupid not to try and convince him that AFC are taking the next step now. If he does not come then it would be because he does not want to. If he went to Bayern, he would be one amongst many fighting for games, but at AFC he would be the one to be getting games, and above all that, he would be at the start of something new which is going to dominate football for the next times.

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