Wenger Set For New Arsenal Contract As Frenchman Confirms Arsenal Stay

Looking Into The Future?
Looking Into The Future?

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has once again confirmed he will be staying at Arsenal beyond the current football season. There have been rumours lately that Wenger is likely to step down as a result of his teams recent poor results and growing frustration among the fan base due to the 9 year old trophy drought the club has been suffering.

Wenger who has been managing the gunners since 1996 is on the last 4 months of his current Arsenal contract but has decided to put talks of a new contract on hold till the end of the season saying the level of his acceptance and his ability to continue to propel the club to greatness will be the yardstick for him to sign a new contract.

However, judging by his statement earlier today when asked about his contract situation, it does seems it is just a matter of when and not IF the Frenchman will be signing a new Arsenal contract.

Talking to the press during his normal press match press conference, Wenger said;

“My commitment is not questionable.

“I have given my word and I always respect my word.”

That to me is good news. Although Wenger has not won for us any titles in the last 9 years, I still believe he has it in him to take us to the next level and what he does in the coming summer transfer window will be key.

His prudence has ensured we have enough in the bank to spend on new players after almost paying off a big stadium debt and I think he should be allowed to take us to the next level now that we have money to compete with the other big clubs. That to me is just fair enough.

However, I sincerely do think anyone will be justified to call for his head if after the summer transfer window, we are still at this level. No excuse will be good enough if he does not go all out to get us the players we need to challenge on all fronts. In the past, money was an excuse and to some extent, a very valid excuse, however, the club’s balance sheet now clearly shows that we have enough to spend. I do not think people will complain if we REALLY compete for the title and end up not winning it but people will complain if we are losing out on the title challenge again simply because we do not have enough quality players in our arsenal ( pun intended ).

We can not reasonably compete with the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City who have bottomless pockets, but what we have is enough to coupled with Wenger’s technical and tactical know how compete with the big boys.

The team has so far this season shown some flashes of brilliance and add a striker, a good and powerful defensive midfielder, a versatile defender and if Sagna goes, a good right back and maybe a second choice goalkeeper and we will be good to go.

Aside buying players into the aforementioned positions, I also do think it is very important that we finally get in someone who is capable to help change our fortunes when it comes to injuries. The number of injuries we have had to key players in the last 9 years whether we like it or not has contributed massively in ensuring our trophy drought is elongated.

We can buy as many world class players as we want, if we cannot get them to spend more time on the pitch than on the treatment table, we will be back to where we are right now within a short period of time and thats the last thing we want next season.

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