Wenger – It Will Be Bad News For Us If Rooney Goes To Chelsea

Arsene Wenger’s frustrations in the transfer market have clearly built up as he moaned at Chelsea’s strong link with Wayne Rooney while speaking with Al Jazeera Sport.

“With Rooney, [Chelsea] will be even more dangerous for sure. I rate Rooney highly and unfortunately we fight with Manchester United and Chelsea. So, on one front, if he goes then Manchester United will be weaker, that’s quite good for us. But if he changes to Chelsea then they will be stronger – which is not good for us.”

Jose Mourinho has identified Rooney as his only other transfer target but Wenger also has his eyes on a move for the England star. Arsenal had a £20 million bid rejected earlier in the transfer window and are yet to make another move for the 27-year old. Mourinho has had two bids for the forward rejected, with a £30 million offer snubbed last week.

New Manchester United manager David Moyes has repeatedly stated that Rooney would not be leaving and he still seems to carry that stance about the striker.

Like Luis Suarez at Liverpool, it seems strange to keep hold of a player who is so open about wanting to leave. It will do more harm than good however Moyes and Brendan Rodgers remain stubborn and so far both players will be playing for their current sides come the end of the transfer window.


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  1. Damn you Wenger..you are a real king of all great bastards!!! Did anyone tells you that if RVP went over to MU also a bad news to us? Learn you little bastard french fries, look at clubs like MU stand on Rooney, Liverpool on Suarez, Spurs on Bale. Try to recall what the heck the trio, yourself, Gazidis and the mother of all animals Kronke has done to us as a loyal fans AFC. Remember selling RVP to our arch rival is already painful but seeing our club captain who begs countless awards walked out from Emirates for merely £24mill, this one is hard for us to forgive you old man!!

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