Wenger Hints At Overhaul Of Arsenal Squad

Arsenal have come under huge criticisms in recent weeks no thanks to strings of losses and draws that have seen the Gunners drop points and fall from grace (top spot) to grass (scrambling for a top 4 finish). Key midfielder Santi Cazorla recently delivered a damning verdict on the club, claiming the team lacked winning mentality and suggested they need proven winners like Spanish duo of Iker Casillas and Andres Iniesta to turn them into real champions.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has responded to his player’s criticisms.

“You can always improve in our game and the results as well,”.

“You can always think you can improve, there is not perfect team, we are always trying to improve our squad and our team.

“I think this season we lost key players on big moments of the season and we have to just push on and finish as well as we can, in a good position.

“We can still do very well and be in the position that we want.”

I agree with Wenger that we can always improve our squad and the first step towards achieving that is by first admitting that the squad isn’t good enough and can improved. It is high time Wenger quits his state of delusion by saying his team is good enough. No, we are not and that has come to the fore in key games this season. We are not far away from been a very good team but we aren’t there yet.

On the excuse of having key players out as the reason for our recent faltering, I will blame Wenger. The Frenchman is not a stranger to the ‘curse’ that has perpetually befallen Arsenal at key moments in the season and should have fortified the team against a déjà vu this season. After having Ramsey and Walcott out in January, he should have made real efforts to sign replacements in January. Our reliance on Giroud as the only striker was always going to haunt us at some point this season either in the mould of fatigue/injury to the Frenchman or complacency on his part knowing that Arsenal are condemned to play him since there is no experienced replacement. Unfortunately, both have happened. Giroud is both tired and complacent now and it has showed glaringly in his performances in recent times.

What then is the way forward, Wenger must bring in some good players with proven quality to plug the gaps in attack, midfield and defence in the summer. Then and only then can Arsenal say they are ready to last the whole hog in the race for the Premier League.


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