Wenger Hails Jack Wilshere


After been at the end of a midweek bashing from Wenger, Wilshere returned to Le Prof’s good books after his impressive displays against West Brom drew praises from the Frenchman.

“He had a difficult first half where he was fouled a lot,” “but he has shown that he has character and kept going until the end. It’s good that he was rewarded.

“I don’t think he will ever be a goalscorer but he is a player who can create chances for others. In our job it’s quite simple, you need players who score and players who give the ball to those who score.

“He is more in the second category than the first. But of course from the second category you want a few goals so it’s good that he knows he can score goals.

“Let’s not forget that we had the same problem with Ramsey a while ago and suddenly once they start to score it comes naturally.”

Wenger spoke about his goalscoring prowess which has been unimpressive to say the least. The Frenchman believes he belongs to the group of goal producers rather than scorers. I agree with him on that but I don’t think because a player is more into making assists, he shouldn’t get goals as well. Cazorla makes assists as well as score goals. He might even be a far cry, how about Ramsey who is meant to be doing the mopping up work in midfield but still finds opportunities to score goals.

Wilshere needs to get closer to the opponents goal area and learn to shoot more. Most of his goals have come from shots rather than close finishes. This means his shots have accuracy. Hence, he should get into positions where he can latch on to passes and surprise goalkeepers with some sumptuous volleys. He might just be Arsenal’s Frank Lampard.

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