Wenger Furious With Liverpool’s Daniel Agger

why me????
why me????

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is reported to be angry with Liverpool defender Daniel Agger over the injury sustained by Wilshere during the international friendly match played at the Wembley stadium.

Wilshere was tackled awkwardly by Liverpool and Danish international defender Daniel Agger and this is believed to have infuriated the Arsenal manager.

Wilshere was allowed to continue playing despite showing signs of discomfort after the receiving the harsh tackle from Agger but The Mirror has reported that Wenger and the rest of his coaching team have absorbed England of any blame as the player indicated he was fit to continue playing and no further damage was thought to have been done.

Arsenal will now be without the midfield maestro for about six weeks according to report. This could prove crucial to Arsenal’s title hopes as they face big games against Chelsea and Manchester City within this time frame.

Hopefully, Wilshere should be back in time to finish the league with Arsenal and join the English train heading to Rio in June. However, I personally think it was stupid of the England national team doctors to risk the health of an important player such as Wilshere in a meaningless friendly match. It is common knowledge that all footballers are overzealous and when they are not totally fit, they claim to be fit and the doctor should have known this and prevent this damage. Wilshere should simply have not been allowed to continue play.

Wilshere’s injury is not only a big loss to Arsenal, it is also a big one for England as only a player who has been playing regularly prior to the world cup can do well in it and as we all know, injuries have plagued Wilshere so far this season.

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