Wayne Rooney – The Answer For Arsenal?

Wayne Rooney

Most Arsenal fans still find it hard to stomach Wayne Rooney after his antics on and off the pitch for both Man United and England. Moments of brilliance have been tainted with bad sportsmanship on the pitch and even worse behavior off it. His blatant dive over Sol Campbell’s leg to end our unbeaten run still ranckles with most Gooners. His outbursts on the pitch with bad language, petulant behavior and seemingly lack of respect to almost all football fans smacks of a player who has had his own way far too often. It might not take a lot to get the wrong side of Sir Alex but Wayne managed to exasperate Fergie so much that the ex-Manchester United manager’s parting shot was to suggest Wayne was finished at the club.

There’s no doubting that a fully fit, fully focused Rooney can win games on his own-but is he consistent enough to justify his ‘1 of the best in the world’ tags?. Is he worth the gamble (and I believe he’s exactly that) of paying £30-40million?

His outbursts at Man U regarding the quality of players coming in smacked of a ploy to orchestrate a move to their great rivals (where he would have undoubtedly received a massive pay hike).

Wayne Rooney is in it for Wayne Rooney. He’s a great player but has never fully fulfilled his potential. I’m sure all Arsenal fan’s wouldn’t care about his past if he scored the winner in the FA cup final but I for one think there’s better options-some we’ve already let slip through our grasp.

If we’re going to buy a troublesome player, then I’d rather have been successful in our Suarez bid. Higuain has the pedigree and class to succeed in the Premiership but that boats sailed. Benzema is another top class player but he seems happy at Real. With a lack of proven, world class strikers available, it maybe a case of Rooney, Carlton Cole or no one.

And I’d rather have Rooney on the back of my son’s shirts than leave it blank.


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