Walcott Is Right, Arsenal Are Good Enough For Titles This Season


Arsenal winger Theo Walcott has declared that Arsenal are good enough to win trophies this season.

“We’ve got players who are playing fantastically well,” “There is so much belief in this team at the moment and I think it’s showing. We just need to push on and make sure we get that home form going now; the away form is absolutely fantastic.

“We’ve got to stay fit, which is crucial, we don’t want to lose any more players. But as soon as the players come back there is going to be more competition for places and that’s only going to be a good thing for Arsenal. I think we’ll push on and we can definitely challenge [for trophies] this year, for sure.

“Someone told me in the dressing room it’s 10 successive wins away from home – it’s a record. To be part of a team that has done that, in the amount of years that Arsenal have existed, is a great honour and a great achievement for everyone. It just shows how talented these players are.”

“It always takes time when you have injuries and [Aaron] had one of the worst injuries in football,” he added.

“He’s worked really hard and it’s definitely paying off now. He’s enjoying his football, he loves touching the ball and he’s got something different to his game now which is goals.

“People would criticise that side [in the past] but I see him in training every day and he’s looking a totally different player. He’s like a new signing. It’s an absolute honour to play with him at the moment.”

I agree with Walcott. This Arsenal team is good enough to win trophies this season, the EPL inclusive. At the beginning of the season pundits predicted that Arsenal might not even make top4 after Tottenham’s mega splash in the transfer market but after beating Spurs and signing Ozil, the odds in favour of the Gunners winning a trophy this season have improved. While the arrival of Ozil is a positive and a step in the right direction, it isn’t the only reason why we are now well poised to end the protracted drought.

The depth in the team is better than last season. This season, we might not have as many players as last season but the team is better in terms of quality. Last season, we had just 2 players that could play the defensive midfield role (Diaby and Arteta) but now, we have 4 players that can play the role well (Arteta, Flamini, Ramsey and Diaby). We also have more options in the attacking midfield. The only seeming missing piece in Arsenal’s puzzle is a top notch striker to complement Giroud but even if we end up not getting one again this season, we can still do well with Giroud, Podolski and Walcott playing that role.

Currently, we are a bit short owing to plethora of injuries but by the time these injuries abate, we will have a strong enough squad to battle any team in the Premier League and in Europe.


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