Usmanov delivers latest verdict on Arsenal share sell


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Rumours surrounding the clubs ownership are gathering place with headlines in the back pages which suggest Stan Kroenke has made Alisher Usmanov yet another offer for his shares in Arsenal. The big guy is seen by many Arsenal fans around the internet world to be our only saviour, the man to shake our club up and get it back to where we believe it should be. However, the only excited fans about this latest news is of course those on the the blue side of Merseyside. They are already believing, some celebrating the expected arrival of Usmanov at their club.

Back in 2011, Usmanov was quoted as saying:

 “I’m not going to sell my stake. I love Arsenal, that’s why I’m a shareholder.”

Whether his stance remains the same today, six years on and after continually being frozen out by the American remains to be seen. Anyway, until anything changes and we see what difference it makes, if any, I’m not fussed. Although if Kroenke does succeed with his offer and the club continues on it’s a downward spiral, then we’d be ripe for a massive takeover bid from someone else. Perhaps someone who’ll finally tell Arsene Wenger that his time is up.

Anyway, it looks like Mesut Ozil is a gonner. Not right now of course as he can’t but come January, it’s looking highly likely that he’ll be sold. Great player but one who’s in the wrong club. I’d imagine a better manager would build his team around such a talented player but that simply hasn’t happened and I don’t blame the guy for wanting out of the club. No doubt it’ll be a similar story for Alexis Sanchez. The only difference between the two is one is getting playing time, the other has been dumped on the naughty step as not for one minute do I believe he’s injured. Oh, and one works his socks off while the other watches on whilst he does only now he’s doing so from the sidelines instead of on the pitch.

Alexandre Lacazette he been talking to the official Arsenal website and he says that playing alongside Alexis was a factor behind his move to us:

That’s also one of the reasons why I wanted to come to Arsenal – to play with players of [Alexis’] calibre. Just seeing him in training, I like the way he plays and his mental attitude. His approach makes me want to play alongside him – hopefully for many years.”

Well unless Alexis changes his mind, the two of them playing alongside each other will be for months rather than years. Then what, will our new striker get itchy feet?

Both and any other of our players are now away with their international team-mates. Lacazette has recently joked that he’s going to try and persuade Antoine Griezmann to join him at Arsenal which would be great if their was an element of truth behind his words and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility considering Atletico Madrid have got Costa back at the club. Mind you, the thought of having to part with the kind of money it would take to get him would bring Wenger out in hives.

Anyway, fingers crossed our boys all return in good health, we’ve got a lot of fixtures ahead and a tasty trip to The Etihad to face this seasons favourites for the league title. Sergio Aguero could be missing for that game which is good news, annoyingly though, Pep has such a strong squad, they probably won’t miss him…

See you in the comments, if there are any…. 😉


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