Unhappy Arsene Wenger? – ” Mesut Ozil Is A Lazy Player”

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has conceded that Mesut Ozil used to be lazy, but isn’t any more.

Having initially been slow to get going when he moved to Arsenal in 2014, the former Real Madrid man attracted plenty of criticism for not putting in the hard yards on the pitch.

However, Ozil has notched seven goals in all competitions so far this season and Wenger believes there has been a change in the Germany international.

‘He pushes himself much more. He has that in him as well,’ said Wenger.

‘Sometimes the trap for very talented players is that it is easy for them. They know subconsciously they don’t need to push themselves too hard to be efficient.

‘It’s so easy. I can’t tell you because I was never in that situation!’



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