Tottenham Fan Lord Alan Sugar Claims Wenger Is The Best Manager In The Premier League


Lord Alan Sugar has risked the wrath of Tottenham Hotspur fans by labelling Arsene Wenger as the best manager in the Premier League.

Sugar used to be chairman at Spurs and remains a fan of the club but he took to Twitter to praise Wenger after he guided Arsenal to a club record 10th consecutive away victory.

After Arsenal’s hard fought 2-1 win at Marseille, Sugar posted on Twitter ‘Arsene Wenger best manager in PL. FACT.’

Sugar is well known for supporting Tottenham and his latest post will surely earn him some abuse from faithful Tottenham fans but Sugar’s praise of Wenger is well deserved. Wenger has gone through a tough time, when all the back pages were against him, he didn’t have a friend in the world, even his own fans were turning on him, but he came through, signed superstar Özil and has got Arsenal back on track.

Not everyone will share Sugar’s view but for a Spurs fan to so obviously come out to praise the Frenchman, it shows just how good of a job Wenger is currently doing for the Gunners.


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  1. It also shows a courageous man who is not afraid to say the fact irrespective of whose ox gets gored in the process.

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