Today’s Defeat Aside, The Lack Of Signings Aside, I want Wenger Sacked And Here Is Why

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Fulham v Arsenal - Craven Cottage

It is so painful that after we were promised so much in this transfer window we are yet to sign a single player however, I believe the window is not yet closed and won’t ask Wenger to be sacked based on that. I am willing to reserve judgment till September 3 but still, I want him sacked and I will be happy it is done by Monday morning.

Yes, you read that right, I think it is high time Wenger should go and to be frank, it has not much to do with today’s defeat but instead a lot to do with what Wenger saif to journalist after his team lost to Aston Villa.

“You got what you wanted, you should be happy,” Wenger said to reporters in his post-match press conference. “Before the start the season that was all you write in the papers so what do you expect?”

The above quote alone is worth him been sacked. I mean, how can someone who cares about the feelings of the fans who spend their hard earned money to watch the team and in turn pay Wenger’s salaries and that of the players say what he has said?

The quote smells “I DON’T CARE” and if he doesn’t care about us, he should be sacked if he can not be bothered to resign.


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  1. So you’re saying you would be happy if Arsenal’s manager was sacked two days before the Champion’s league qualifier. Right, and who do you say he should be replaced with? Do you think Michael Laudrup is going to drop Swansea to run over to the Emirates? Klopp will ditch his work with Dortmund? Fergie will come out of retirement, because we all know he’s always wanted to manage Arsenal, which is why he never seemed to get on with Wenger?
    Even if we did manage to find a manager in the possible 24 hours (if even) that we’d have before flying to Turkey, he’d know nothing about the team. Do you think he could sort out a proper team to face the Turkish runners up with the amount of injuries we have at the moment? And do you think with the crushing pressure from the fans of having to live up to Arsene Wenger’s legacy at the club that the manager would be able to scout out, convince the board to spend, and then buy the proper type of players that could neatly knit into the squad in two weeks time?
    Don’t be daft. I admit I don’t want to see him sign a new contract with Arsenal for next year, but I’d be an idiot to want to see him go in the next two weeks.

  2. The worst manager in the premier div.No big stars will come to arsenal while wenger is
    manager.One big star will not be enough to transform this very poor team.Football
    players have no trust in arsene wenger that is why possible signings are not attracted
    to arsenal.I now see that he has sold ,or trying to get rid of the poor quality players
    he has signed in the past.PLEASE GET RID OF ARSENE WENGER

  3. With or with out new signings, whoever it would have been we where going to loose that game to Anthony villa. Look at 3players getting injured and not even a single card awarded to the foulers not to mention the rest of what we all saw, the team was playing well.
    On this matter am strongly behind AW concerning the english media, referees and even the fa. Our biggest reason for failure in those 8years is the bias from those 3.

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