Time For Wenger To Leave Arsenal?

Arsenal were Saturday humiliated at Stamford bridge as they recorded their heaviest defeat of the season. Arsenal were woeful yesterday and didn’t offer any resistance to Chelsea’s dominance over 90 minutes.

“The specialist in failure” as Mourinho called Wenger failed to inspire his team as they were blown away by their opposition. It was easy, way to easy for Chelsea.

After the match Arsenal fans took to twitter to ask for the manager’s sacking. Arsenal fans have a history and tradition of patience and for them ( some section that is) to call for the manager’s head, they must be justified. As much as I understand the pain and anguish of the set of fans asking for Wenger to leave, I must state categorically that it would be an extreme measure.

When you have a headache, the solution isn’t to cut off the head. Wenger has done some marvelous job for this team, he has led us through the dark times financially and now that things have stabilised, we should give him a few years to get us back on competitive terms with the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea.

Don’t get it wrong, I am as pained as every other Arsenal fan following the events of yesterday but I just think we shouldn’t be in a haste to make judgments. I dare say there aren’t many coaches available right now that can do with this current Arsenal side what Wenger has done.

It might not be enough but imagine if we got a David Moyes as coach. Where would we be in the title race, oh there wouldn’t even be one I reckon. Let’s get behind the manager and the team and hope we can end this title drought with a win over Wigan in the F.A Cup as some consolation to this season.


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  1. If the Gooners calling for Wengers sacking think this is going to miraculously transform the team in to worldbeaters you’re deluded. The manager should not need to motivate the team for a London derby, let alone a game that would have seen us jump to within one point of Chelski with a game in hand.

    It’s the team that failed themselves, and the fans, not the manager. They are responsible for the performance on the pitch, not the manager. The team is weak in all area’s, apart from the midfield which is our strength, and when they were all fit we were doing well. The problem is when they are all injured, Wallcot, Wilshere, Ramsey, Ozil, there is no one to replace them.

    And who would you put in place of Wenger??? The only one anywhere near achieving what Wenger has is Guardiola, and he isn’t going anywhere, so get real blinkered gooners. The section of fans who want Wenger out are the same ones who will be crying for him to come back when he’s gone.

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