Thoughts on the Euros – How Have the Arsenal Players Done (So Far)?

Today, Germany dispatched Greece to reach the Semi final.

New Arsenal signing Podolski didn’t start. In fact, none of the three regular forwards started against Greece. Klose, Schurrle, and Reus preferred instead.

I can’t really say what Jogi Low was thinking making such a drastic change to his team. I mean, I have a few ideas, but I won’t go into them. What matters is that Podolski was dropped (or rested?) and didn’t play a single minute out of the 90.

Whatever the reasons, the changes worked. Although it was the weakest defence they have faced so far in this tournament, Germany attacked with more fluency than they did in all the group stage.

What hurts me to admit is that with Podolski in the team they might not have. I don’t know what it is, but he hasn’t excited me as a signing. He is a great player. Wenger seems happy enough with him in his recent comments. But I was hoping he would be one of the stars for Germany, but it hasn’t happened. And now he’s on the bench, possibly for the rest of the tournament. Bit disappointing.

Hopefully he gets a start in the semi-final. I want him to start the season with us with the opposition fans and players already scared of him.

RvP is already on vacation. The Netherlands were a huge disappointment. At the World Cup they got results, but they were never convincing the way Spain and Germany were. But it seemed van Marwijk wanted to transition them into a more fluid, attacking, pro-active team. That didn’t work out. But it does work out nicely for us, as RvP gets a nice rest before pre-season. Robin himself wasn’t that bad. Because he missed a few chances (which every striker does), the coach replaced him with the useless Huntelaar and played him out of position.

Theo and Ox are England’s secret weapons. They give a rather average team a burst of pace and quality (either off the bench or from the start). Again, it’s disappointing that Theo has been only involved as a substitute, and I vehemently disagree with those who say he’s only an “impact sub,” but that role fits him in Roy Hodgson’s tactics. As bad as Milner has been, I can’t see Theo starting over him for the rest of the tournament.

Anyway, the Euros are fun and all but I can’t wait until our pre-season begins. We have a big season ahead of us. More thoughts on that later.


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