Theo Walcott’s Debut Is The Best I Have Seen Claims Harry Redknapp

Theo Walcott

Former Southampton and Tottenham manager believes Arsenal forward, Theo Walcott showed his hunger and danger in his days with the Saints.

The Arsenal attacker joined Arsenal from Southampton and was reported as the “next big thing” after Wayne Rooney and former Arsenal teammate, Thierry Henry.

Redknapp said the England International got so much praise and positive remarks due to his devastating effect, especially as a central forward for the Saints on his debut.

“I met Theo as a kid going through Southampton’s youth ranks,” Redknapp wrote in his recent autobiography.

“He was on the right track even then – a smashing kid from a lovely family – and I had no worries at all introducing him to first-team football at such a young age.

“Theo’s first start for us was at Leeds United, and it was Dave Bassett’s idea to play him through the middle as a striker.

“He had always been a wide player in the youth team, and that was where I was going to use him, but Dave fancied him against their central defenders, and he was right.

“Theo was so good it was frightening. He scored after 25 minutes and could have had five – I haven’t seen such a confident debut from a young man.

“One of their defenders was taken off because he was in such trouble against him. He absolutely ripped them to pieces.”

Arsenal would hope the 24 year old returns to action as soon as possible, who’s tactical awareness and electric pace have made him a difficult forward for opposing defenders to face week in wee out.


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