The Evolution Of Diet In Football

Replacing what you expend during exercise is a key factor in improving your fitness levels and maintaining them over long periods of time, which is why many of the world’s top footballers now take dietary supplements to improve their physical performances on the pitch.

Over the past two decades numerous supplements have sprung up in the field of sports science and you may have heard the likes of creatine and protein aids before now. Both these supplements are great for boosting your body’s potential during physical exercise and are taken regularly as part of a balanced diet.

Creatine powder is a natural compound found in fish or other meats and aids recovery in the muscles during contractions. It is great during training as you build your core muscles without the problem of overstraining that can occur during a football match, while protein shakes bought at further boost the muscle mass in accordance with the creatine powder.

Even if you’re using these supplements, however, the best footballers also take on board carbohydrate aids before and after games. Carbs fuel the body and boasts a huge range of Carb Impact supplements that are easy to consume and quickly aids performance.

While you should keep to a regular low-carb diet outside of exercise, once you’re hitting the weights and running shuttles it’s a good idea to take the supplement, for the body needs fuel it otherwise doesn’t have. This, alongside a regular post-workout glutamine intake that circulates nutrients around the body, is a great way to maintain performance levels while avoiding burnout.

Burnout is the bane of professional footballers and over the past 20 years supplements have impacted the way we fight falling energy levels. In the mid ‘90s footballers struggled to play with the same intensity from kick off to injury time but now you’ll regularly see them running at 100% come 85 minutes.

Take Chelsea’s Europa League victory as a great example. That final was the Blues’ 68th match of the season yet they still worked hard until the last minute, where Branislav Ivanovic scored the winning goal.

Being able to maintain your fitness levels for 90 minutes is of great importance in modern football and only a mix of preparation, good diets and supplement intake can get you to that next level.


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