TALKING TACTICS : How Arsenal Is Likely To Line Up Next Season

Arsenal squad 2013-2014New season is on the horizon, I’m sure it will be accompanied by the new system; new tactics, some new players; we are a redeemed club, old things have passed away; behold, everything becomes new.

What Arsene had witnessed in the season of yesteryears, were not as damaging as the last season where we fought for the fourth like a tournament, with our breath held to our jugular by the our fiercest rival. It was glaring that the club’s much acclaimed legacy (consistent Champions League appearance) almost slipped; Wenger countenances testified to the gruesome pains of living it late to the last day of the season to confirm our status, then, we can assume that his rocky stingy heart had melted through ferocious furnace of close competitions he witnessed from even the not so good teams in the concluded season. However, I hope his health doesn’t fail him for such experiences deteriorate the health.

Sequel to the above, it is assured we will buy players. We may not buy big, it’s a probability. Ivan Gazidis also gave a vocal backing to what Arsene said that, we will buy. The un-debatable fact is that Arsenal need reinforcement. You don’t need an Angel to apprise you that, before we can displace the teams in the up, we need to acquire the necessary elements to do so. The fans are waiting!

But much has not happened to the chagrin of the fans despite a lot of names linked to us. Lot of players had been linked to us, but obviously we don’t know which is which, as Wenger is not an easy man to discern his way – he had deceived us so many times during transfer windows that he would buy, yet he didn’t!

But we are hopeful this time around, he would buy. This he assure us with the purchase of Yaya Sanogo, whom, to many, seemed another gamble. Higuain, Fellaini and any would-be (Ashley Williams) defender may soon follow if the rumour in the transfer news metamorphosed into reality. So, assumption is the only thing to embark upon right away.

Based on the assumption that Higuain or any other striker joins the team; we will have three or four strikers jostling for the role of centre forward. This affords the team a rich repository of options in the attack where we were lacking last season. Then, we use 4-2-3-1, or 4-3-3 0r 4-1-4-1,3-4-3 or 3-5-2. These are probable formations to accommodate any player perceived to be good enough in the starting lineup. It would be a happy headache for Wenger to have a lot at his disposal. We can crush mountains!

To the point straight away, Goalkeeping department is not our problems albeit there was a rumour of Julio Cesar coming; it’s still a young deliberation. Our backline is okay, the probable inclusion of another defender will surely be nice as a complete backup. Except the coach will come up with some combinations, all the stalwarts there are intact. The major shuffles and adjustment are in midfield and the attack.

We are currently using 4-2-3-1 with one holding midfielder, a box to box player to help in the attack and help to defend, RW and LW and the CAM for a roaming role, then the ST. This formation is a variation of a 4-5-1 formation which attempt to control the midfield and at the same time, protect the backline from unnecessary exposure to counter attack. Our wing backs combine with our men on the wings to open the opponents’ defense for successful attacks. This is how we play.

We know Wenger as he is tactically rigid! He prefers technicality to tactics. He doesn’t consider changing his formation easily except it is compulsory. Even, when there was a rumour he intended using 3-5-2, to hold some teams down because of our apparent lack of defensive nous which carves us open to counterattacks, he didn’t bulge. So, we are continuing in the formation.

Then, who do you like to see start and/or substitute? As said earlier, Szczesny will be the number one again except keeper with high caliber comes. Julio Cesar is on mind here. All the back four retains their position save for the left back between Monreal and Gibbs. Midfield has Arteta, Ramsey –who had a wonderful last season. Jack Wilshere, Fellaini and/or Paul Pogba – if bought. Not forgetting Diaby –all hope not lost on him though. CAM – Cazorla, Rosicky/Wilshere. Wings: Poldoski, Walcot, Geovinho, Miyaichi – if he shakes off his injury malaise, and any probable additions.

Attack: Giroud had a normal first season, now additions are coming! Sanogo and Higuain will be ours in couple of days. It promises to be healthy competitions upfront. Poldoski is another option.

The formation looks like this: 4-2- 3-1


Sagna/Jekinson Mertesacker/Koscielny Gibbs/Monreal

Arteta ©


Walcot Cazorla Poldoski


Sub: Ramsey, Wilshere, Vaemelen, Geovinho, Cesar, Williams, Giroud.

I’m not ruling out experimenting with another formation(s), but first thing first. What do you think of the probable line up and formations this coming season?


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  1. I like the formation but don’t think I’ll agree with the line-up. If Higuain and Fellaini could be added to the team then our starting XI should be; Szczesny,Sagna,Mertesacker,kosclieny,Monreal,Walcott,Arteta,Wilshere,Fellaini,Carzola,Higuain

  2. That line up means a lot, i can see a trophy coming to Arsenal. Wenger do it faster.

  3. Nonsense line up! this fool would have wilshire sitting on the bench, Fellaini should happen in the next two weeks and that will b arsenal closing up for the summer.

  4. I ting sanga should go somewhere at the same time my wish fabregas rtrn to Emirates stadium and defensive minded attacking midfielder fellaini and wilshre coverd def.midfield areas.And fullback micah richards is perfect fr our team.higuain giroud podalski wallcot cazorla rosicky chamberllin all r gd enough fr our tean my predicted lining follow
    Richards koslny wermln monreal

    wilshre fellaini

    walcott fabregas cazorla


  5. Wenger should be serious via signing coz we don’t want this last hr signing and if all goes on well nxt seazons line up shall be: ceaser richards williams vermalen monreal wilshere fellaini carzola walcot podolski higuain.

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