Swansea Slaps 10 million Pounds An Arsenal Target, Is He Worth It

Finally, the bird has come home to roast with Swansea naming the price for their much coveted captain Ashley Williams. For long, the Welshman who also doubles as club and country captain has been on the radar of some of the Premier League’s top teams; Arsenal and Liverpool but the Welsh club have often rejected insinuations that they were considering the sale of their captain but with the recent development which according to Skysports is that a 10 million Pounds fee has been slapped on his head, this means Swansea are finally ready to sell and interested clubs can now start making bids but wait a minute, before they do, is Williams really worth that
load of cash?

I know he is talented and had a decent season but certainly not a brilliant one because he didn’t win any individual award (player of the month), no nomination for the PFA awards and didn’t make it into the team of the season. On what grounds then is the fee justifiable?

Williams is currently 28 years old and by the time the new season would be starting, he would be 29 which means this will probably be his last big move and at that age, he is already at his peak and not likely to improve. He also doesn’t have a resell on value.

Talking about experience, Williams lacks it at the highest level. He has never played for a team vying for titles or in Europe. From Hednesford Town to Stockport City and then Swansea. Also, he is just in his second season in the EPL. I am not saying he is bad player, all I am saying is that he is not worth the cash demand. He is a short term solution and can’t be around for the long term owing to his age. By slapping a 10 million price tag on him, Swansea clearly don’t want to sell. They know most teams would buckle at that price for an old man and an European neophyte.

No team is in the position to determine how much Swansea demands for their player but teams especially Arsenal should be wise enough not to splash out unnecessarily. British players are over-priced and often times they fail to justify the tag; Carroll (35m), Chamberlain (15m), Downing (17m), Bent (18m).

I know we need to beef up our defence but I doubt if our search is over. It’s high time we turn our attention to more seasoned defenders and ones that will offer us long term services. My prime candidate is Marseille’s Nicholas N’Koulou.

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  1. I dnt think aresnal needs him cos must of dis players at small club tend 2 play better der and dey hardly perform at big clubs,example are many,adam johnson,sinclair,phil jones so wenger can get som1 wit dat same amount dat has value 4 money

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