Suarez Still Wants To Leave Liverpool Despite Apologizing

Earlier this morning, Goonerhead broke the news that Luiz Suarez has apologized to his Liverpool team mates and has been integrated back to the team. However, sources close to the Uruguayan are of the opinion that Suarez still wants to leave Liverpool despite apologizing and commencing training with the first team again.

It is believed that Suarez has only apologized to his team mates in order to allow a peaceful resolution to his impending transfer to Arsenal. The Uruguayan has made it clear he wants to leave the Anfield club for north London and that hasn’t changed a bit. By apologizing, Suarez has merely given Liverpool the opportunity to negotiate with Arsenal on a peaceful note.

It would be recalled that Arsenal have had 2 bids rejected for the striker. According to telegraph and daily mail, the gunners are likely to go back to Liverpool with a new offer of 45 million plus add ons which will push th whole package to the 50 million which Liverpool believe is the fair value for the Uruguayan.

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  1. It’s all over already. You’ve had enough mileage out of this one. Stop trying to keep gooner hopes alive.

    Lets move on and see what arsene’s plan B is before I turn against him as well. Anyone who knows me know that was a quite a statement!

    1. You’re spot on. Stop milking thin air Mr Author.
      Let it go. I don’t know how you guys write up all these gobshite for the Craic. You must have a direct link to his brain to know what he’s thinking.

  2. AFC wants everything done in an amicable fashion so saurez knows he has to leave on good terms because if he acts like a kid then Liverpool will not let him go. Suarez does not want to stay he is being clever and is waiting for arsenals offer before the close of transfer window. NOT ONCE HAS HE APOLAGISED TO THE FANS OR SAID HE IS STAYING. And didn’t BR say Suarez won’t be forgiven until he says sorry to the fans?

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