Suarez Has Told Liverpool He Wants To Join Arsenal – Cavani

Luiz SuarezEdison Cavani Luiz Suarez’s national team mate and close pal has revealed Arsenal’s target Suarez has told his parent club he will like to leave the anfield club for Arsenal. Cavani stated Suarez has been talking to him about his ambitions and one of those things they discussed is the fact that the troublesome striker would like to swap Anfield for the Emirates.

“We have been speaking a lot and, while I can’t tell you everything, I can tell you that he is desperate to start playing Champions League football. ” “Liverpool already know that, though, because he has told them. I think if he thought Liverpool would qualify for Champions League football next season he would stay but, with the other top teams in England adding players, he doesn’t think Liverpool have the resources to break into the Champions League spots” “I have said before one of the most complete strikers in the world needs to be playing at the top level and I hope Liverpool understand that. ” “He doesn’t want to leave on bad terms because he respects the club and fans, but he needs to achieve his dreams in the game.”

This is surely going to be good news for Arsenal fans who are growing increasingly worried that Suarez may yet stay at Liverpool. With Real Madrid focused on acquiring the signature of Tottenham’s Gareth Bale, the road can’t be any clearer for Arsenal to sign Suarez.

The Uruguay international strikers has been the subject of 2 bids from Arsenal both of which were outrightly rejected for failing to meet their 50 million valuation. With Cavani’s statement, it is safe to assume Suarez is desperate to leave Liverpool and if it comes to it, he may well put in a transfer request to make it easier for me him move to Arsenal.

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  1. If bale is worth
    Why are we bidding a mere
    42 mil for Suarez .?
    I would go high as 60mil…
    To sign a player of his quality
    Does not come EVREY transfer
    Window…top 5 finisher in the world..
    Attitude dodgy??…yes…
    But ask your self why???
    Has he ever played for a club
    Where he feels his team mates or
    Even 1 or 2 are on his level..?

  2. As a LFC fan I say sell the fu…. And take a top 4 spot next year. Then hopefully Arsenal will come in 5th or below and he will not get the CL-play that he is so desperately longing for…

  3. Bye bye Bale(Y)
    Bale goodbye ,bye bye bale
    Your the one that kept the team from falling
    now that Real Madrid are calling …its
    bye bye bale bale goodbye .
    Apologies to the bay city rollers,hehehe

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