Spurs To Insure Bale’s Back For New Season

Tottenham Hotspur have confirmed that Gareth Bale will have his back insured next season meaning they would be fully compensated should it break while carrying the rest of the team again.

Bale, who was Spurs top, if not only player last season, carried the North London’s second team to fifth place in the league, meaning once again they missed out on a Champions League spot.

However the Spurs hierarchy, concerned that Bale cold buckle under the weight of being Spurs’ only performer which would result in an injury that could seriously damage his spine, have taken pre-emptive action before the new season begins.

“Yes it is true,” said a source from White Hart Lane who wished to remain anonymous so he isn’t barraged by excessive volumes of laughter from the rest of the Premier League. “We’re taking out insurance on his back. It was a big strain for him last season, playing in a 1-1-1-1 formation. In the words of Fergie, it could have killed him.”

Bale won both PFA Footballer of the Year and Young Player of the Year but had to be helped home with both trophies amid fears that they would just be too much for him to carry. A source close to the Welshman said “He’s had to lift his team all season, then they give him these two trophies to carry. But the club acted fast to make sure he didn’t have to carry them as well. It’s just not fair on the lad.”

Bale’s future has been under the spotlight in recent weeks and the midfielder is open to a move to any club where he plays as part of a team, rather than being the team “That means a move to Manchester United is out,” said our source. “They already have one striker carrying them, another would upset the balance.”


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