Signing Mathieu Flamini Is Better Than Signing Mesut Ozil Claims Manchester United Legend

2-Gary Neville

If you believe former Manchester United player turned Sky sports pundit Gary Neville, the signing of Mathieu Flamini on a free transfer is way is much more better than the 42.5 million pounds signing of Mesut Ozil. The Manchester United legend claims the important thing to the gunners right now is not the flair that the likes of Mesut Ozil offers the team but rather the defensive stability which Flamini offers.

“This season they have Mathieu Flamini and probably the strongest back four they’ve had for a while,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“I think when you dig beneath Arsenal’s squad and you lose a couple of those players it gets a lot weaker. Those five are the key players to keep fit over the next few weeks.

“Flamini and Giroud staying fit are as important as what you would call the ‘stars’ of the team – your Jack Wilshere’s, Ozil’s and Ramsey’s, because I always think Arsenal have got a lot of players they can replace them with – Tomas Rosicky can come back in, Theo Walcott isn’t fit at the moment and will come back.”

Many Arsenal fans were not favourably disposed to the signing of Flamini on a free transfer because of the way the French man left Arsenal for AC Milan in 2008 but he has been rock solid in the defensive midfield department for the gunners and his sins seem to have been forgiven.


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