Sign More Players For Arsenal – Olivier Giroud Tells Wenger

Olivier Giroud

There were resounding calls to Wenger to buy big in the summer because the team was adjudged to be low on quality and also quantity. Both are needed to win trophies; quality helps to win top matches while quantity helps to last the long haul. What has been lacking for long at Arsenal was quality but owing to the massive summer clearout, quantity became an issue but despite the calls, Arsenal ended the summer with only 4 new players ( Sanogo, Flamini, Viviano and Ozil). Now that the window has closed and injuries have set in, the Gunners are massively depleted and one area that is so bereft of bodies is the attack and star striker who is also the only fit one has called out for reinforcement ahead of the Champions league opener against Marseille.

“Away from home, we have always been audacious,”

“At home through some spells, we played with the handbrake on because we did not have the same confidence. Our away record can compare to anybody in Europe.”

“We have a quality squad but I’m a bit scared about the numbers we have,” he added.

“We will face problems because of the numbers in our squad.

“We’ll do everything we can to rival the big clubs, but saying that we want to win the Champions League is a bit presumptuous when you see that Bayern had to play in
three finals before winning one.

“It will be a very tough group, but I think we have enough quality to go through.”

“I’m really happy with our start to the season and mine in particular,”

“I had a full pre-season, which wasn’t the case last season when I had more pressure as well.

“I’m in form and I haven’t missed any training sessions, so touch wood that it continues. I eased into the season with some goals in pre-season and it has carried on. It goes hand in hand with the team’s form at the moment.

“This is what we have been missing in recent seasons. We would often be lagging behind at the start.

“But the fact we lost the first game at the Emirates (to Aston Villa) shook us up a bit and we reacted well, we’ve scored a lot of goals. Of course, I would like to
score more than last season, more than 17 goals in all competitions.

“Normally my second seasons are better and more prolific in terms of goals. I’m loving it in this team and feeling good. So why not?

“I’m feeling better and better, but I still think I have room for improvement and can do better.”

In the midst of the much he said, the crux of what I will dote on is the ‘thinness’ of the squad. In terms of quality, we aren’t too bad to win the Champions League, Dortmund weren’t better than us last season but made it to the finals of the competition while when Chelsea won it, their quality wasn’t overtly better than what we currently parade. But one thing they all had that might just be a bit lacking in the current Arsenal set up is depth. A team that want to win the Champions league must be ready to give the top players breather ahead of key games. While we can afford to do so in some positions, we can’t try it in attack. Until the winter window in the least, Giroud will be the only one leading the line in the league and Champions league, this could weary him out and reduce his productivity in the knock-out stages of the tournament.

What then is the way out? Arsenal need another striker, not just any average striker but a top striker that can complement Giroud. Hold in stead for him so he could rest or fill in adequately for him in the light of injuries.

Dear Giroud, I know it’s difficult to be the only one playing all the games especially when you play as a lone forward but I believe you can do it. You are strong and very fit. Your shoulders are strong enough to carry us till the winter window, kindly let us ride on it.

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  1. Nice speaking Giroud and i still believe in you that you can perform more than expectation,first trophy in the emirates stadium cabinet will be produce by your goals,ride on guy.

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