Shocking: Wenger Tutors Mourinho & Conte On Ideology

Today, Arsene Wenger celebrates his 20th year at the helms for Arsenal. A feat of consistency and achievement that remains unmatchable by all of his predecessors.

Over time, Wenger has built a reputation in football following the fluid ideology he adopted and has stuck with. His team has always been renowned for passing the ball resulting from a build up play. With Wenger, fans are entertained and results are gotten.

Speaking to NBC ahead of his 20th celebration, Monsieur Wenger explained  why he is of the opinion that all big clubs must build their football on a unique ideology that is appealing to the fans of the club.

“Do you win ugly? You cannot be a big club and say, ‘Look, friends, buy a season ticket because we want to win ugly,’ that will not go far,” he said.

“The big clubs need to have the ambition to win with style. People want to see an experience that fulfils them.

“We live in a period where it is only about winning at any costs.

“The best way to win is to play where everybody expresses their talent. In a team sport, it’s about developing the qualities and getting them to play in harmony.”

We all know how Mourinho plays dirty even in the transfer market. This must be a message to him.

Arsenal will be seeking to ensure Wenger can celebrate his landmark anniversary when they travel to Burnley in the Premier League on Sunday.





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