Shocking: Thierry Henry Shows Again Why Wenger Fired Him

Arsenal legend Thierry has recently justified Arsene Wenger’s decision to drop him off the coaching team of the Arsenal’s academy.

Arsenal won Burnley over the last weekend but it was a controversial handball that secure the three points. Henry has given his verdict and he appears to be against Arsenal.

With his recent position as a pundit, Arsenal may never hire him as a coach as he takes a hard stand against us everytime.

 “If his hand wasn’t there the ball would have gone out,” he said.

“If he [the referee] gave a handball I would have understood.

“But I don’t think Koscielny meant to do that. That’s the main thing.”

I repeat, it’s nothing to do with the comments themselves. It’s everything to do with the fact that he chooses to make them about the club he pertains to love and one that he was working with not long ago.






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