Shocking Numbers Show Mesut Ozil Is More Popular Than Gareth Bale


Arsenal are still in jubilant mood over the acquisition of Mesut Ozil. Reasons aren’t far-fetched, is it the disappointments and anger expressed by his former teammates, Ronaldo and Ramos or the shock expressed by legendary players and managers or the fear expressed by Jose Mourinho on the new found strength of the Gunners. Now, the edge Arsenal have has further increased. According to a report in Dailymail, Ozil has sold more Arsenal shirts than Bale has sold Real Madrid shirts. The reasons aren’t far-fetched, it seems Ozil is more popular than Bale. Bale might be the world’s most expensive footballer but Ozil is far more popular than the Welshman on social networks.

On facebook, Bale has just 4.9 million fans while Ozil has 11.5million fans. On twitter, Bale has just 1.5 million followers while Ozil has over double that amount at 3.3 million followers.

The fact that Ozil has sold more Arsenal shirts have far-reaching consequences. He is the first marquee player of the Wenger era, other top players that have played at Arsenal were brought in as talents but forged into stars by Wenger but the German arrives with an intimidating price tag and envious resume. With the number of shirts already sold, Arsenal have almost recouped the money splashed out on him and that means the club can afford to gun for more big name players knowing fully well that the fans are more than ready to buy the shirts.

Top players would not only brighten the club’s chances of winning major trophies, it would also increase the club’s revenue through the sales of shirts. That has been Real Madrid’s secret source of wealth for years, guess time is rife for Arsenal to plug into it too.

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