Shocking News – Real Reason Real Madrid Sold Ozil To Arsenal


Shocking revelation from Spanish media has revealed the real reason why Real Madrid agreed to sell their second best player to Arsenal for 42.5 million pounds. Spanish newspaper El Mundo are reporting that Arsenal’s new record signing is always tiring himself out sleeping with different beauties. The paper reports that the situation got so bad that Real Madrid had to hawk him around to clubs before Arsenal signed him.

El Mundo reported that Ozil was asked several times by the Real Madrid management to put his footballing career first after he became so engrossed with ex-Miss Venezuela Aida Yespica but the German won’t listen.

Ozil is reported to have flown several times to Italy to have fun with the 31-year old model in Milan and some other times in Paris France.

El Mundo reported: ‘The early morning trips, extended to the last minute of passion, led to a down which affected his performances.’

Knowing Real Madrid and the what they could do politically and the way their fans have reacted to the transfer of Ozil to Arsenal, I will not be surprised if this reports is a “placed” news item.


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  1. Seeing as it is obvious that Real have decided to place get their papers to circulate this story – Barca papers are circulating the opposite – what was the point in even giving blog space to this?

  2. Pretty sure PSG came calling why would he not go there instead then? Or go to an Italian club such as Milan itself… This is a terrible lie… Please think logically before posting!

  3. No one is denying that it might be true. It is old news- in fact it didn’t affect performance on the pitch as his stats show the opposite. The story is doing the rounds in the British gutter press because they have nothing else to write about owing to the international break.

    Lets sing it from the terraces

    “Lets Go Gunners”

  4. Hope it’s not true. But seeing his picture with 2 gorgeous scantily dress chicks does raise doubts. Hope he was just celebrating his arrival to Emirates and not the rest of his playing career. Or maybe someone please get him married as soon as possible then he’ll be more responsible. Just food for thought. 🙂

    1. I thank the picture u saw was manufacture by an anti Arsenal. Look critically at the picture u will notice some details which do not tally. e.g Ozil’s left hand does not rest on the girl’s shoulder.

  5. Garbage story marinho said he is da best number 10 surely he couldn’t get away with da under him dis is just liar 2 satisfy madrid fan knowing der upset while north London is buzzing

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