Shocking News : Real Madrid President Claims Ozil Is Unprofessional And Obsessed With Women


Perhaps playing the game of politics after Real Madrid fans voiced out their concern on Ozil’s transfer to Arsenal during the Gareth Bale presentation, Real Madrid’s president has used the media to launch a great offensive attack against Arsenal’s new record signing Mesut Ozil.

While Arsenal fans are still savouring their new signing, Real Madrid’s president Florentino Perez has tagged the player as an “unprofessional footballer who is obsessed with women”.

Perez attacked Ozil via an article that was published by Spanish website ABC.ES to attack Arsenal’s new signing. In the article, he claimed the German was unprofessional which is why he was sold on teh last day of the transfer window.

According to the website, Perez is penned in to meet with Real Madrid’s directors and he will be using the occasion to explain both incoming and outgoing of players at the Santiago Bernabeu club.

It is reported that although Ozil arrived Real Madrid in 2010 as a devout muslim, Perez he has back slided since joining the Spanish capital club : ”Mesut discovered the world & became obsessed with women, a world that was alien to him before.”

Perez continued: “It wasn’t about the women but about the late nights, the hours spent not sleeping. He wasn’t a good professional.”

As a result of the situation, when his father who also acts as his agent was told to look for another club for his client/son when he approached Real Madrid for a new contract and increment in salary.

As an Arsenal one will want to ask Perez why this report is just coming out now and not before he was sold to Arsenal. Seems like a political move if you ask me.


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  1. He is stupid, the man who was number 2 after Ronaldo!!!!!! What about Ronaldo he is worth than Ozil, why they don’t sell him?!!! How can be he reach to that quality if he is irresponsible?!!!! Oh fuck them all Ozil is in Arsenal that’s enough for me , let him fuck as many as he can or want just do his job then I am ok.

  2. Perez, should have said another thing. His comments about ozil cannot reduce the level of love we fans have for him. You people hate him there, but we love him here. Osil, the gunner.

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