Shocking – Mustafi Sends Bold Warning To Teammates Ahead Of Ludogret Clash

Bar a defeat to Liverpool during the Premier League opening day, Arsenal having been cruising in fine form, winning League games in a role.

Arsenal new boy Shodran Mustafi has not stopped talking. He claims that there’s no point in Arsenal getting too far ahead of themselves after the Swansea win.

He wants his team mates to focus more on the now than fantasy too much on the future.

 “I think there’s no point in thinking too far ahead. We just need to think day after day and game after game,”  he said.

“We’re going to have a tough game on Wednesday as well, so we have to be prepared for that game.

“Sometimes when you think too far in the future, you forget about the present and then you lose points. That’s what we don’t want to do.”

As fun as it is to dream, there’s a long ol’ road to meander down and although it’s looking sunny right now, we’re Arsenal, so I’m sure storm clouds are just over the horizon.

The Germany international is right. We have to take every game as they come because we know that there’s yet a long way to go in the League.

We play Ludogret in the Champions League tomorrow, it may not be an easy ride for us but we should come-off that game with three points at the least.


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