Shocking Image : Jack Wilshere Caught Urinating On Live TV

Jack Wilshere who has been involved in a lot of controversies lately have been caught on Live TV urinating as he and his England team mates train ahead of their last world cup qualifier tomorrow.

Jack Wilshere Urinating


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  1. Oh boy this really shows a desperation for hits – if he had done it in a public area ok he should be lambasted, but when the cameraman must have been putting himself out to catch the situation.

  2. If you are a gunners fans whatever jack will do you will still like him bcose he is a player that both his national team everybody like him and not only that he is arsenal,england furture captain so everybody should leave jack alone please.

  3. Why we can not accept the fact, he is normal as every body else? Let him be alon, what the fuck do you people want from him? Don’t you have anything else to do?

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