Shocking – Howard Web Reacts To Mark Clattenberg’s Officiating In NLD

Former Premier League referee Howard Webb has given his verdict on ref Mark Clattenberg call in Arsenal’s game against Tottenham.

Some pundit have said Kevin Wimmers own goal against Arsenal should not have stood after Mesut Ozil’s free-kick but Webb has explained why the goal is valid.

Gunners forward Sanchez looked to be in an offside position behind Spurs’ Kevin Wimmer as Mesut Ozil struck his free-kick into Tottenham’s box, before the centre-back headed an own goal while under pressure from Koscielny.

Nonetheless, match official Mark Clattenburg allowed the goal to stand.

Webb has explained in a series of tweets why he agreed with Clattenburg’s decision to allow the goal to stand in response to suggestions it was offside made in the BT Sports studio by former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand and former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp.

Keith Hackett, formerly the head of Premier League referees, also criticised Clattenburg’s call.

He wrote for the Telegraph: “Sanchez has made movement towards the ball sufficiently enough to distract Kevin Wimmer and, as a result, he’s almost forced the defender to play the ball from Mesut Ozil’s free kick. That movement towards the ball has put Sanchez in an offside position.”

Writing on Twitter, Webb repsonded: “The laws don’t support Sanchez being penalised in this situation. Keith [Hackett] talks about ‘distracting an opponent’ which was removed some years ago,” Webb wrote on Twitter.

He added: “I think the presence of three Arsenal players (2 off, 1 on) were a factor in Wimmer’s decision but nothing impacted his ability to play the ball. I’m not saying I agree with the way the law is written, I’m just saying that Sanchez didn’t commit an offence as defined in the laws. The laws’ makers have tried to increase consistency by defining interference with an opponent but in doing so some gaps have been left.”



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