Serious In Fighting And Blame Games At Arsenal To Bring To A Close Wenger’s Era

Arsene Wenger

Earlier this summer, respected journalist Amy Lawrence told the world there seems to be some sort of disagreement between Arsenal’s CEO and Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger. She told Talksport the board wants Wenger to spend but Wenger is reluctant to burn the cash in the transfer window thereby leading to a disagreement between Wenger and the club’s CEO Ivan Gazidis.

Although many Wenger fans took the reports with a pitch of salt claiming the last 3 big news Amy Lawrence broke in regards to Arsenal were negative reports. Some even claimed she is on an agenda. However, if one think deeply about happenings at the club in recent time, one will see Amy Lawrence isn’t too far from the truth.

It would be recalled that earlier in the summer Arsenal’s CEO came out to tell the world during a question and answer session with a selection of Arsenal fans that there is cash available to the manager and he will be allowed to spend it if he wants. This statement as far as I am concerned was deliberately made in order to firmly put the ball in Wenger’s court just in case he refuse to spend. To me, Gazidis with that statement has deliberately given Wenger a very long rope to hang himself since he is primarily in charge of players coming into the club ( something Wenger himself confirmed ). And to further buttress this believe, reports started coming from the media that Wenger wasn’t happy with the statement Gazidis made.

The media could be wrong and one is free to take the reports as a pitch of salt but this Wenger’s quote says alot :

“If we don’t spend the money, it is because we don’t find the players. I am not the only one to work on that, we are a team that works on that and we are ready to buy the players if we find the players good enough for us. We take our work seriously and we analyse every player in the world and spend 24 hours a day doing that. We are ready to spend, but until we buy players we have to win football games,”

From the comment above, it is obvious Wenger is definitely getting back at Ivan Gazidis and Dick Law who are Wenger’s partners in finding players for the club. To me, it seems there is a lot of blame game going on and this can only end one way, Wenger getting sacked or resigning.

Let’s hope things don’t get too messy before it is resolved one way or the other.


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  1. Its high tme wenger goes. He has just become a very big liability to Arsenal. Just imagine day one of da season u get gibbs and nobody to cover up. why cant he look 4 mature players? has arsenal bkam a nursery club? Am assuring all gooners dat it will be miracle to finish 6th. otherwise we may fight relagation.

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