See – Mustafi Warns Team-Mates Ahead Of Swansea Clash

Arsenal have been cruising in the ambiance of a superb form this term and new centre back Shodran Mustafi has highlighted the importance of concentration for the duration of games.

He came on in the 69th minutes in Germany’s win over Norther Ireland in their world cup qualifier – he admitted that although, his national team did well over the 90mins, but said sometimes, the result doesn’t go your way.

 “Sometimes you have the feeling that you’re the better team but you play it forward and you’re just about to score a goal and you a counter-attack where [they] get a goal and you find yourself behind,” he said.

Then it’s going to be even more difficult so I think we did well with our concentration.”

He went on to praise Germany’s stability at the back, which he contributed to.

We could very well relate his statement to the German team as very relevant to us. We have always done well in terms of controlling the game and in the end, the result would not reflect our performance.

Fortunately, I think we now have the – forgive me – mental strength and quality to overcome this although this wasn’t always the case.

However, with this awareness from Mustafi, who is at the heart of our defense, we hope to see more stability and commitment from the boys.






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