Romania Close To Joining Arsenal But Here Is Why Arsenal Are Signing Another Deadwood And Not What They Need


Arsenal’s striker search continues and the latest in the pool to be linked with the Gunners is ex-Schalke forward Ciprian Marica. According to the agent, a move to the Emirates is imminent.

“He’s close to joining Arsenal, but we have to wait for the next week,” Becali told

“Marica is a really great striker who has already got experience in western European football and so it’s natural that big clubs are eyeing his career.”

Arsenal’s seeming pursuit of Marica gives credence to the fact that Wenger still wants a striker. In the summer, he was linked with Jovetic, Higuain, Rooney, Suarez and Benzema. He lost two to other clubs while three stayed put. His pursuit of Marica is a huge surprise. The Romanian isn’t the kind of forward that will improve our squad. We already have enough junks in the squad already, we don’t need another one. Marica doesn’t exude confidence. Have we wondered why he left Schalke after just 2 seasons and his stats are very poor, 5 goals in 2 seasons isn’t something to write home about. And in those 2 seasons, he played over 25 games in which he could only score 2 goals.

After the acquisition of Ozil which was an obvious step in the right direction, the arrival of Marica would be a step in the wrong direction. Marica doesn’t look good enough to challenge Bendtner or Park Chu Young not to talk of Giroud. What Arsenal need is a striker in the mould of Rooney and Suarez, even Benzema isn’t good enough. We should totally ignore the hype the agent is putting up for him. If he was so great, Schalke won’t have let him go for free and he won’t have just 5 goals to his name over 2 seasons.


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  1. 5 goals?in 2 seasons?why arsene? my granny can score more in 2 week games? and she will sign for less take home

  2. I don’t believe Wenger make such a gambling after he said that we sign only top top player and Ozil is one of them why in the hell should we sign him we have already Bentner and he is much better than him even we don’t want him????!!!!! I am very surprised if we sign him I will rather wait until next summer to bring top top class player than bring this average players in our team. I will not or do not believe what reports says. that give me fucking headache.

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