Revealed – Why Flamini Left AC Milan For Arsenal

Mathieu-FlaminiMathieu Flamini has revealed why he turned down a contract extension over the summer. The French midfielder re-joined Arsenal on a free transfer after leaving the Serie A club after his contract expired.

Milan offered Flamini a new two-year deal but he rejected the offer,

“Milan offered me a two-year contract extension. I didn’t agree on it because I wanted a minimum of three years. I am 29 years old, I have three good years in front of me.”

“So I came here. It was an important decision for me to decide where I wanted to go. It could have been Italy, Germany or England but I came to Arsenal to work with the fitness coach Tony Colbert. I did that for about a month and day after day I felt better and better and it happened. I am happy I came back. I am happy it is going well and I fell good in the team.”

Flamini also revealed Arsene Wenger was a key part in his decision to return to the club.

“The manager played a big role in my decision because he was the one who took me here when I was in France. He was the one who introduced me to the top level, to the Premier League and the Champions League so, of course, to have the possibility to work again with him, it was important. And also it is important to still have him at the club because the players are behind him, everyone believes in his vision of the game and in the game against Stoke, it proved he was right.”

Flamini has been exceptional since he re-joined in the summer. He has played a part in all of the game he has been available for, protecting the back four brilliantly.

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