Revealed – The Real Reason Why Luis Suarez Was Not Sold To Arsenal


The real reason Liverpool did not sell Luis Suarez to Arsenal in the summer seems to have finally be revealed. Liverpool’s captain and legend Steve Gerrard has confirmed he ensured Liverpool kept Suarez in the summer transfer windows. Arsenal had placed 2 bids for the Uruguayan in the last transfer window both of which were turned down by the reds.

Gerrard has now confirmed he was the brain behind Suarez actually staying put at the Anfield club even after the player went public with his intention to leave Liverpool in search of champions league football.

“Every day I was waking up hoping nothing would happen and he would still be here. When you have a player as good as Luis, you know the big clubs are going to want him,” Gerrard said.

“Nobody tried harder than me to keep him at Anfield and he knows exactly what I think of him. I knew if we could keep him here, the better our chances would be.

“It’s a credit to Luis for the way he has bounced back from a difficult summer. A lot of players in his position might have come back and spat the dummy out and not tried, but Luis looks hungrier than ever.”

Good on Gerrard but he should note that should Liverpool fail to make it into the top 4 this season ( which is likely if you consider how average their squad is ), then he can kiss good bye to Suarez and I will not be surprised if Arsenal end up signing him in the January transfer window as Wenger doesn’t give up on players he has interest in.


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