Revealed : The Real Reason Why Arsenal Did Not Sign Gonzalo Higuain

Higuain - Gonzalo Gerardo Higuain - Real Madrid Star Player most

Arsenal and France national team striker Olivier Giroud may have finally revealed the real reason why Arsenal pulled the plug on the deal to sign former Real Madrid striker Gonzalo Higuain. The French man who has been in a good form for the gunners so far this season feels he could have benefited more if Arsenal had managed to sign Luiz Suarez from Liverpool.

Giroud told L’Equipe: “When the name of Suarez was circulating, I honestly thought it was a good thing for the team.

“We would’ve complemented each other. Suarez can also play out wide. It would have been difficult for me with another player.”

However, the French man feels if Arsenal had signed Higuain, he would have been “bothered” as both players are very similar in terms of style of play.

“We would have been in direct competition because he is a pure central striker,” Giroud added of the now-Napoli man. “Of course, at the time, it would have bothered me a bit but I was not afraid of competition.”

With what Giroud has said, it is safe to assume Wenger dropped the idea of signing Higuain due to his French striker. It would be recalled that Wenger gave the same reason of too much similarities when he decided he was not going to sign Demba Ba who later signed for Chelsea from Newcastle United.

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