Revealed – Frenchman Wants £6m Arsenal Deal

Bacary Sagna

Arsenal’s future of Sagna is far from certain. Despite his brilliant performance on the field, there has been no headway in his contract negotiations with Arsenal. The Frenchman’s contract expires in the summer but the Gunners are keen on keeping him beyond the current length of his deal but all efforts to make a headway have proved futile so far. Seems the chances of reaching a compromise is becoming remote by the day. A source close to the French right back revealed that Arsenal will have to break the bank to keep the former Auxerre star.

“He will leave 100 per cent for sure unless Arsenal wake up in the next couple of months and offer him new good terms. The source said.

“It would have to be in the region of £6m a season on a three to four year contract, plus a signing-on fee of around £6m.

“He wants to finish his career at Arsenal as long as the board give him the right deal.”

This is certainly a tough call. I agree he deserves a pay rise and a secured deal of at least 2 years but the demands reeled out by the said source is a little over board. For his age, it would be risky to give him a 4 year contract, a 2 -3 year deal looks good enough. The truth must be told, Sagna holds the ace in the negotiation since he has suitors littered all over Europe and whether Arsenal grant his demand or not, he is likely to get it elsewhere but can Arsenal afford to loose him now?

For his demands, I would suggest that Arsenal should look beyond him. Probably, it is time to go for Dortmund’s right back as he won’t cost as much as 15 million Pounds and since he is much younger, he would be a prove a valuable long term solution.

If he is really sincere with his talk that he wants to stay at Arsenal, he should make a more reasonable demand and Arsenal on their part should show seriousness in keeping him by also offering him a pay rise to his current weekly pay. Both parties should show mutual respect to each other. Sagna should show his loyalty to Arsenal by lowering his wage demands while Arsenal should prove they appreciate his contribution to the club by shifting ground on the details of their new contract offer.

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  1. LOYALTY!!i think it is arsenal,s turn to show loyalty towards SAGNA,while many players deserted us over the last few years while we were going difficult time,SAGNA stuck with us and fought for our cause,it is now time he was rewarded for it!loyalty works both ways,and what kind of message do we send to the rest of our players??spend your best years with us and then we,ll get rid of you!!

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