Revealed : Aaron Ramsey’s Secret To Success


Arsenal manager has declared the secret to Aaron Ramsey’s superb form for Arsenal this season is his desire to improve himself and become a better player. This season is already Ramsey’s most prolific season for Arsenal in terms of the number of goals he has scored so far and Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger has thrown his weigh behind the Welsh man saying he expects him to fulfill his huge potentials.

Wenger told Arsenal Player : “Yes of course [this is the best spell of his career],”.

“I must say it is expected. Why? Because he is a young player and it is normal that he goes [up] and not the other way.

“Secondly, he has a huge desire to improve and I think that when you have this kind of attitude you shouldn’t expect any limitations. You should expect to always become stronger.

“Technically he has improved a lot and when you look before – when I watched a lot of the tapes – I always thought he’s in the right position in the box, just he was always a fraction short or too early or too late. But he was always in the right position, so you knew that at some stage the goals would come.

“It is down to composure, especially for example the second goal [at Sunderland]. His first touch was perfect, then he could finish well, and that’s where I believe he has improved a lot.”


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