Relax, We Will Sign The Right Players – Wenger Tells Arsenal Fans

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Fulham v Arsenal - Craven CottageArséne Wenger remains optimistic over signing players this summer.

He has remained coy over his targets, refusing to disclose the details. When questioned about the likes of Wayne Rooney and Yohan Cabaye being linked with the club, Wenger said, “I will not give you any names. In our job it’s about being discreet,” he said. “The delays do not only depend on us. I am still optimistic.”

He also said that he is searching for versatility in this market, “That is the key word – the right additions. That is what I work at – the right additions. It is not just about additions. If you look at the players, you see Rosicky, Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere… so to find better players you have to travel. [For example] we need a player who is versatile, who can play in different positions in midfield, because at the moment we are a little bit stretched.”

“Attitude and focus [are also important], the mental aspect in the modern game is vital. I watched the games yesterday [Sunday] and you have to be completely focused for 90 minutes.”

Wenger says that the nature of the transfer market has changed a great deal since he came to England in 1996.

“The market has been difficult for two reasons,” he explained. “One, I have quality players and, two, the competition for players is absolutely massive in the international market.

“Before, we were privileged – we were a bit more lonely out there. Now, everybody knows everybody and it is more difficult.”


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  1. Laughs..Le prof, I hope the fans doesnt stone you to death afterall….spurs are just signing as if they wants to win cl!

  2. Is this not funny ????? Wenger says clubs has been active early at market and there is not too many good player back Then he say now is time for shopping!!!!!!! I will ask him how many options do you have now MR : Wenger do you really think player will leave clubs like Real or Barca and come to Arsenal ????? If they do believe mé it’s because Real want sell Them not because they want and if they come you have to pay Them a lot of money NO MONEY NO HONEY MR: Wenger

  3. Words, words and and words….thats all we hear from wenger, cld yu act please, transfer window closes soon. i reckon yu were born to be a preacher, talk is cheap!

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