Real Madrid Clears The Way For Arsenal To Sign Luiz Suarez


Arsenal may have a good chance of signing Luiz Suarez once the January transfer window opens or next summer’s transfer window as Real Madrid are very likely to pull out of the race. In a poll done by pro Real Madrid paper Marca, Real Madrid fans have shown their preference for Radamel Falcao ahead of Liverpool’s Luiz Suarez. Marca had asked Real Madrid fans to vote for the player they will like Real Madrid to sign and the votes was largely in favor of Falcao with 3 out of 4 voters claiming they want the Colombian ahead of the Uruguayan.

The implication of this is that Real Madrid may actually drop the ideal of signing Luiz Suarez as the fans have major say in happenings within Real Madrid they through their votes determine who becomes president. Also, Real Madrid is a club that depends largely on shirt sales. With the fans showing their preference for Falcao and with the poor sales recorded so far in terms of Bale’s shirt sales, it is obvious Real Madrid will likely heed their fans’ advise once the January window opens especially as all clubs try to obey FFP laws.

With this situation, whether Arsenal signs Suarez or not now depends on two things.

1. Wenger showing his readiness to sign the Uruguayan and his willingness to pay the asking price of 50 million which Liverpool see as the real value of the player.

2. Liverpool missing out on the champions league yet again. Suarez has showing his willingness to move to a club playing in the champions league and should they miss out on the champions league party again, he will likely try harder to force a move away from Liverpool.

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  1. Wenger should go for suares in january pay the asking price and make him a gunner to enhance the chances of pl title

  2. We stil hav long way 2 go, transfer isn’t yet opin! Let’s c wenger action, bt 4 me I dn’t tink our coach wil spend huge amount of money on a players dan ozil deal… I’d lik player lik suarez 2 join ox in january period

  3. He won’t be worth that unless he signs a new contract and I can’t see liverpool selling him to arsenal. They’d rather him leave for free then sign for red London.

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