Real Madrid And Arsenal Agrees Terms On Di Maria


Arsenal will be signing Angel Di Maria in a record 30 million Euros deal ( 26 million pounds ) if Arsene Wenger is able to convince Di Maria to move to England. According to Spanish based Breen-Turner Real Madrid has decided to accept Arsenal’s bid for the Argentine and all that is left is for the Argentine to agree to move to Arsenal.

It is believed that Di Maria’s chances of first team football will be eroded by the signing for Gareth Bale from Tottenham and that may be Wenger’s point for argument when talking to the midfielder. With Gervinho gone and Chamberlain injured, Di Maria has a better chance of playing more regular first team football with Arsenal.

With the world cup fast approaching, Arsenal may even have more grounds of convincing the Argentine to sign for them as the fear of losing his first team spot with Argentina due to lack of playing time with his club may convince him to make the money.

It would be recalled that the Argentine was close to signing for Arsenal from Benfica before he joined Real Madrid.


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  1. Dear Admin

    The terms of this transfer are currently confidential so we would like to ask you to remove this article as it may hinder on our current negotiations with Real Madrid FC.

    P.S. It’s Chamberlain not Chamblain you fugly slut.

    Many Thanks
    Arsene Wenger

    1. I have been a long term Arsenal fan in the gambia west africa and i shall be very grateful if Arsenal could strengthen there squard for the title race
      many thanks

  2. Wenger will not sign those expensive players.. he has even refused to acknowledge his failings and think the media is brain washing arsenal fans! I don’t see any signings coming so spare me high expectations which will only lead to heart problems..

  3. Wenger should fear god and let us feel the club all the time b’cus his lies is too much on the bases of signing this player and that is boring

  4. Please stop talking of dozens players going to Arsenal, if you do not know who is coming to Arsenal, do not depend on romours. Stop it immedidately.

  5. People always blame Wenger for no reason living the board which is causing all this problems. it is the board which does not want to spend. do you think there is anyone on this world who would like to spend his life being frustrated.i was feeling very sorry for Wenger during the Fulham match, you could see the poor man was frustrated even though we were winning. once a Gunner always a Gunner.

  6. rubish n non sense. wenger will not buy big names.wenger will play for the europa cup this year

  7. What a load of bull! Wenger still seems disillusioned he can bring home the Premier league trophy! A good result against Fulham means nothing when you getting a hiding from Aston Villa.. I shudder to think what will happen when we face Man U, Chelsea and the likes… Another 8-2 for the record books perhaps?

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