Ramsey will follow Wenger out of Arsenal – Fans won’t like this

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Arsene Wenger announced last month that he’s leaving Arsenal at the end of the season, but who might end up leaving with him?

After 22 years at the club, Wenger finally called time on his Arsenal spell. It came at a surprising time for many of us, including the players, reportedly. Clearly many expected him to stick around for a while longer, and his departure might have an impact on their own situations.

There are a number of players and staff with a personal connection to the manager who may end going the same way.

Aaron Ramsey

Like Wilshere, Ramsey’s contract will expire before long. In the Welshman’s case, he has a deal running until 2019. On the surface, that makes it look like Arsenal have a bit more time to work with. But considering his performances this season, the club could probably get a fair bit of money for the midfielder this summer.

Top Premier League clubs are less likely to want to gamble much money on an injury-prone Wilshere, so there was less of financial dilemma in letting him run his deal down. In Ramsey’s, this summer is more likely to be the make or break point for his Arsenal career.

The 27-year-old has always had the support of the manager, and, in return he’s always backed his boss.

Last season, even with Arsenal struggling, Ramsey said the players were “delighted” to play for Wenger. He revealed in 2016 that he only joined in the first place because the boss made him feel “a bit more wanted”.

When the 2016/17 season ended and the manager’s contract expired with it, the Welshman said“Of course I want him to stay at club. He deserves this (the FA Cup trophy). We changed the formation and had a lot of success. Fair play to him, he changed the system. Hopefully, he’ll be there next season.”

Take the boss out of the equation, however, and it’s hard to see what Ramsey would stay for.


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