Proof: Koscielny Goal Against Burnley Was Not Handball


Against all the odds yesterday, Arsenal managed to scrap out a last minute winner against Burnley but the goal stirred so much controversy.

Laurent Koscielny was said to have committed a handball that led to the goal. But how well do you know the laws of the game?

We were called out by fans of Manchester United, Chelsea and other Premier League team. They tagged us as ‘same old Arsenal, always cheating’. However, we have been cheated countless times or fooball has not been fair to us but somehow Hand of Koscielny saved us three points yesterday.

There was an incident which should have counted as a penalty for Arsenal. So if the rule of the game which states that it must be deliberate action for it to be counted as foul, maybe you’d agree  that the goal should have stood.

Check THIS

As an Arsenal fan, you won’t be bias to say the referee was fair.



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