Podolski/Draxler Swap Deal Back On?

Arsenal are open to selling striker Lukas Podolski in the summer, if Goal.com are to be believed.

Arsenal bought Podolski in the summer of 2012 for a reduced price of £11 million after his then club Koln got relegated from the Bundesliga. He hasn’t enjoyed the same level of adulation from Arsenal nor has his output been the same and this has led to Arsenal considering to sell him in the summer for about the same fee as he was purchased for according to goal.com.

Podolski has further established his credentials as a world class finisher at Arsenal but he struggled in almost all other aspects of the game. His contribution to the team can be counted plainly on the goals he scores and though it is the best metric to judge an attacking player by, it doesn’t do full justice in Podolski’s case.

His limitations have ensured that his playing time has been limited. Despite the gruesome number of injuries Arsenal have picked up, Podolski still struggles to get into the starting XI, perhaps an indicator of where he stands in the team. He was also ignored when the management offered a slew of new contracts to older members of the team.

Podolski has previously been linked with a move to Schalke and it could still be in the offing. Arsenal are still interested in Draxler and this could open the move for an exchange which would see Arsenal part with a lower fee than had originally intended. The move will also suit Podolski as there won’t be many teams bigger than Schalke wanting to take a punt on him.

Podolski’s future at Arsenal looks to have been decided and it won’t be long till he’s gone from the team unless he decides he’s happy on the bench.


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