Piers Morgan Reacts To Owens Arsenal Claims Calls him a Clown And Benchwarmer

Celebrity Arsenal fans Piers Morgan has taken to twitter once more, and this time to respond to Michael Owen’s ridiculous claim that Arsenal will struggle to finish among the top 4 teams this season. In an interview granted to Telegraph, the former England international claim Arsenal will not compete for the title this season and he even went as far as claiming Arsenal do not have enough in their team to convince him that they will finish in the top 4 this season.

“From the start I had my reservations,” he wrote. “They seemed not to be spending but then came up with one big investment right at the end of the transfer window.

“When I look at a squad I see a decent collection of players but not a top-four operation.”

Few hours later, Arsenal fan and CNN presenter Piers Morgan has replied him calling the former Liverpool man a clown who has watched a lot of football as a result of warming the bench with various clubs after he left Liverpool.

Below his Piers Response to Michael Owen’s ridiculous claim :

To be fair to @themichaelowen – he has WATCHED a lot of football in his career. #Benchwarmer #Clown #Afc

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  1. Fuck Owen who cares about what he and whole bunch of people that talk against Arsenal day and night. The bottom line is that we are top of the table and right now more consistence than any other top flight in PL. When they stop to talk bullshit about Arsenal then we have to think that there is something wrong with our beloved club. Once again fuck them all.

  2. If God be for Arsenal,who can be against us?Then no one!Let my darling club approach every game like a cup final so that the critics like Owen will shut their mouth!So help us God!

  3. Michael Owen, like Piers Morgan has said, is a clown. He must be talking about his former EPL clubs: Liverpool, New Castle, Manchester United and Stoke!

  4. Out of the EPL 4 teams: Liverpool, New Castle, Manchester United and Stoke that Michael Owen had played for only Liverpool would have an outside chance of being in the top four this season.

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