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arsenal-2013-14-away-shirtPictures have started to surface on the internet to the design of the Arsenal 2013/14 away kit. Many different designs have been uploaded since the end of the season but the same one is appearing all over the web as the club are close to announcing their new away kit.

The official website released an away kit trailer earlier this week starring British stars Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Aaron Ramsey, Kieran Gibbs and Carl Jenkinson. Towards the end of the short clip, Gibbs is wearing a blue and yellow training jacket before Jenkinson turns to face the camera, which includes the top of the new shirt. The video suggests the away kit will revert back to yellow, a colour that has often been on Arsenal away jerseys, with blue tips on the collar and sleeves. The ‘Fly Emirates’ and ‘Nike’ logos are also in the light blue colour.

The kit is officially released on Tuesday and there has been no confirmation of what the final shirt looks like but the recent online photo suggestions combined with the trailer suggest they could be accurate.

Nike are entering their final season for manufacturing Arsenal tops with Puma taking over in the 2014/15 season after reaching a record breaking £150 million deal over a five year period. The takeover of Puma could lead to a complete new set of colours not normally associated with Arsenal and so Nike have taken the original route by using the traditional yellow and blue that has been worn by Arsenal players for years.

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