Picture : Arsene Wenger Annoyed As Jack Wilshere Is Caught Smoking

Jack Wilshere cigarette

Jack Wilshere has managed to anger Arsenal manager with his new found smoking ability. The English midfielder was pictured smoking in a club and this has made Wenger annoyed. Wenger was asked during his pre-game press conference yesterday about the picture of the English man with a cigarette during the round on the social media and he said : “Well, I disagree completely with that behaviour… The fact that you can damage your health at home, nobody sees it, you as well damage your reputation as an example.”

The French man continue by adding that he is yet to talk to the high rated midfielder about the said picture :

“I will leave that between him and me.”

Wenger was also asked about players who are known to be regular smokers especially former Netherlands international Johan Cruyff who back in the days was known for smoking as many 20 sticks of cigarette per day.

To this the French man replied : “I travelled on coaches to away games in France where you couldn’t see each other! But times have changed… and I must say as well English society is very sensitive to smoking, much more than other countries.”

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