Photo – Wenger’s No-Look Handshake To Mourinho Caught On Camera

When will Jose Mourinho stop throwing shades and tantrums at Arsene Wenger? When will Jose Mourinho get over his obsession for Arsene Wenger?

Such an annoying manager Manchester United have got but until Wenger beats him in the Premier League, he may not stop throwing shades at Wenger.

Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho are familiar foes but the depth of their hatred was caught in a photo.

Whats the point of the handshake if it wasn’t from the depth of their hearts to exchange pleasantries?

I don’t blame Wenger, after all, Jose Mourinho has shown an obsession level with the Arsenal manager that would get him a restraining order in any other world.

And, thanks to Mourinho, we know he doesn’t like Wenger because Wenger gets respect and he doesn’t.


Should try not being such a twat then, shouldn’t you?

After the game, he still couldn’t let it go, heard muttering ‘Finally lost to Arsene, finally lost to Arsene, finally lost to Arsene’ as he left his press conference. FYI, Jose, you lost to Arsene in the Community Shield Final last season.

I’d be worried about his mental health if I cared about him at all.

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