Photo – Alex Iwobi Claims Over Sanchez Justified

Per reports,

“A while ago, Alex Iwobi claimed that Alexis trains so hard that Arsene Wenger will be delivering instructions and the Chilean will be on the floor doing press-ups.

Most of us thought the 20-year-old was exaggerating for affect. We know that Alexis never stops on the pitch so it stands to reason that he’s the same off it. However, I don’t think many people guessed that Iwobi was actually being 100% factual.

The Champions League’s official Twitter account shared a picture of the Arsenal lads in training ahead of the Ludogorets game.

Who do we have to the far right of the picture? Alexis doing press-ups!

My goodness; the man’s a machine!

Side note: Check Shkodran Mustafi just watching him in disbelief.


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